xxxReconstituted in Montreal Quebec in 1966 as an historic military society,
today's 78th serves in Garrisons across Canada to support and educate youth.

Simply stated, members of Fort Fraser Garrison enjoy a fun social milieu with Scottish and Military overtones, meeting in an established Officer's Mess in Vancouver. We maintain an active schedule of events. For our current updated event schedule click [ here ]

Garrison Officers and M'ladies gather at least four times yearly to commemorate major actions of the 78th, including honouring the Regiment's efforts on the Plains of Abraham in September 1759, and April 1760.


Garrisons are encouraged to establish a Uniformed Display Unit comprised of members who have equipped themselves with authentic uniforms and who are supplied with arms of the 18th Century Regiment - the famous "Redcoats in the Kilt" as they perform the drill of the original soldiers.


Garrison Members automatically gain membership in The 78th Fraser Highlanders Association of Vancouver, a registered charitable organisation dedicated to raising funds for charities providing assistance and education to youth in British Columbia.

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